World War II As It Happened
A MaritimeQuest Daily Event Special Presentation

Starting on September 1, 2020 MaritimeQuest began the World War II As It Happened presentation as the Daily Event. Every day we will post front pages of various newspapers so you can see just how everyone learned about the progress of the war. There was no television, only radio, newspapers and newsreels at the cinema, that was the way people received all of their information about the war.

This presentation is not only a way for us to look back and see how the public learned about the war, but it is also a study in the press and propaganda. Reading these newspapers you can see just how many times the press got the story wrong, how many times they got it right and how it was used to manipulate the public, on both sides. One thing you should remember is that hundreds more people saw and read the headlines each day than those who actually read the story, not unlike today. So for many people the headline is the story.

Each front page in linked to a high resolution version of the image so that you will be able to read the stories as the image on the page is too small to read anything but the headlines. Just click on the newspaper you want to read to see this image. I hope you will find this presentation interesting and educational.