Titanic Engineers Memorial
Southampton, England

Memorial to the engineers who died in Titanic April 15, 1912.

Memorial to the engineers who died in Titanic April 15, 1912.

Memorial to the engineers who died in Titanic April 15, 1912.

Close-up of the dedication.

Close-up of the names of those who perished.

Close-up of the names of those who perished.
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July 5, 2013

May I inform your readers that the engineer officer in relief depicted in the left and right hand sides of Nike the Goddess of Victory is my mother's father a real person!

William Hatfield born 15 Oct 1878 died 19 Sept 1954 both verified. I was 10 when he died and remember him well. Lived and died Southampton and area all his life, but spent most of his life at sea as a greaser. I have his records from 1926 to 1937 mainly White Star which seems to why he was chosen to model for Titanic Memorial to Engineer Officers.

My parents told me he was also selected as he worked below the water line etc last out etc Would like to find his earlier records pre 1926 but I do have when he was age 19 yrs old him joining Antagonist registered in Poole this event was dated 02 Jul 1897  poss a barque built 1854 would like to know more about this can you help?

He served on Majestic, Olympic, Adriatic etc as well as Queen Mary and Empress of France on the Atlantic run later. He ironically was not to know that 4 yrs after his modeling for Joseph Whitehead and Sons Masons - in Kennington London he would be in the water! He was crew man 136 listed wrongly as Hadfield this has been put right by Michael Mikalaides (spelling?) who ran the Britannic website have not heard from him since the probs in Greece the sinking was 21 Nov 1916 Kea Kikladies. There is no record amongst the local population or on boats but he turned up with no possessions on his wife's doorstep a few years later (working on this).

I know the Scourge Heroic and another ship went to the scene and I would like to know if they had lists of collected survivors? I still have a lot to do on this but I hope it is of interest  Incidentally Thomas Ranger a Titanic survivor (LifeBoat 4) (Carpathia) was a relative of mine but I have not completed the work on the relationship yet.

Wayne Ranger

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